Fraction ERP Support

Works Orders

Work orders create requirements for production to produce a certain quantity of parts by a given due date. There are a few ways to create a works order:

MAKE TO ORDER: Works orders are created from the sales order line items. The works order number is created from the contract number and the contract line item.
MAKE TO ORDER, GROUPED: Sales order demand can be combined to group the line items from different contracts into one Works Order. These works orders are given a prefix of "G".
MAKE to STOCK: Works orders can be created for stock items at anytime without any contract. Visit the make to stock support page.

When works orders are created from contracts, the quantity can be overridden to allow for some spares or waste/scrap. The works order will show you when the quantity has been overridden.

Works orders require a start date, which is used to determine the required date for all the parts on the works order. This is automatically determined by a manufacturing lead time in days, but can be manually edited.

Editing Works Orders

All works orders can be edited during production to add/remove/update parts and operations. To do this you must have the role permission called "WO Manager"

BOM Approval

All works orders will require the BOM (Bill of Materials) for the part to be approved. Visit the bill of materials support page to learn about approvals.