Fraction ERP Support


Fraction ERP integrates with Xero Accounts, Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Quickbooks accounting software.

Scope of Integrations

The functionality of all integrations within Fraction ERP is the same. The integration provides two functions:

Sales invoices can be transferred to your accounts software to create a sales invoice entry into the sales ledger. Each software application may use different terms, but the principal is the same. If the customer does not exist in your accounts software, it will create a new entry for the customer. Make sure the spelling matches the name saved in Fraction ERP. Note within Xero you can merge records if there is not an exact name match and you find two contacts for the same customer.

Purchase Invoices are transferred from the GRN page. This creates a purchase invoice (called a bill in Xero) for the supplier. The same applies as sales orders if the supplier record does not exist or there is a different spelling of the supplier name.

How to Set Up Your Integration

On the dashboard you will see a section called integrations; select the software you wish to connect to. You will be required to enter your username and password for your accounts software. This is not stored or tracked by Fraction ERP. Once you are connected to your accounts you will need to grant permission and select your company if you have more than one. Once this is done, the integrations button on the dashboard will show you that you are connected and you can disconnect anytime.