Fraction ERP Support

User Management

Type of Users

There two two types of users in Fraction ERP:

Standard users require a license and their profiles can be customised for module access and role permissions.

SFDC users (Shop Floor Data Capture) do not require a license so you can add as many as needed as there are no charges. SFDC users can look up operations and use the start, stop and complete operations functions which collects data from the shop floor in real time to monitor process times and track works orders.


Each standard user can be given roles in the application to perform the following actions:
ADMINISTRATOR: Manage all aspects of the software, options, users and company profile.
BOM MANAGERS: Approve a BOM (Bill of Materials) which is required to allow a BOM to be used in production.
NCR MANAGERS: Close corrective actions and NCRs (Non-Conformance Reports).
PO MANAGERS: Approve purchase orders, up to the approval limit which is per purchase order.
INSPECTORS: Accept goods received through goods inwards inspection to add them to available inventory.

Module Access

Each standard user can be given permission to the modules within Fraction ERP. By ticking each module you grant permission for that user.

Approval Limit

This is the approval limit for purchases orders for the user. The limit is the highest value of a single PO they can approve.