Fraction ERP Support


The workcentre register is a list of all the production equipment and machinery you use in production to perform operations. Examples of workcentres are machining centers, welding bays, inspection areas, paint booths etc. The workcentre list can be found under the setting menus and can be updated anytime.

Creating New Workcentres

NAME: The name given to the workcentre or group of workcentres.

DESCRIPTION: A description of the workcentre or group of workcentres.

NUMBER OF RESOURCES: This is used if you want to group resources. For example if you have 3 welding bays, but do not want to define each one, use 3 in the number of resources. Once you have entered the working hours of the resource, it will be multiplied by 3 for the available capacity.

WORKING HOURS: Enter the start and end times for your resources, which will then be used to calculate the available capacity for each workcentre per day and per week. Please note that this does not allow for break times/lunch breaks, so it is advisable to adjust the start or end times to suit the number of available working hours per day.