Fraction ERP Support

Sales Orders

A sales order is created either by changing the status of a quote to "active" or by entering a new contract directly as a sales order. When converting a quotation, the contract is given a contract date - to mark the date that the status changed. The normal process is to check all of the details of the contract such as price and quantity and to add the delivery and shipping dates to the contract. The reference number can be updated with the customer purchase order number. The dates for each line item are defined as:

SHIPPING DATE: The date planned to ship the goods from your factory.

CUSTOMER DUE DATE: The date the customer should plan to expect the delivery.

Order Acknowledgement

An order acknowledgement can be printed to PDF or emailed directly from the contract record. Just click "ACK.PDF" or "ACK.EMAIL" buttons.

Contract Notes

A contract can store notes for internal use. They are marked with username and date.